My friend bought the equipment Spectrum instead of the drain and asked me to make so that you can use it with () and worked all rehearse. I took control unit connected it to 3 channel pre-set equipment and 5 modes. On the model but today tried to put 2 servos burned. My comrades in the model is 3 different cervoprivoda. We have set up a corner for each of them and connect it to the power supply model. After that, the servos were twitching and burned. As it turns out - we spent all settings when powered at 5 volts and the model is powered by a 6-V and got a problem.

Modes of operation(режимы работы)
1)reduced (пониженая)
2)rear differintsial( задний диф)
3)all Inclusive ( все выключено)
4)including front and rear differentials (задний передний дифы)
5)all Inclusive (все включено)