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    My Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2.5R

    I have been slowly but surely working on getting this Rustler up and running after a friend told me to "either take it or it's going in the trash". He got it as a package deal with another truck from someone off Craigslist. It started out as a rolling chassis but had a worn out piston and sleeve and no electronics (ie. servos or transmitter and receiver). It's still not up to my standards but its a start. Here's some pics...

    As I had stated... Its still a work in progress to get it up to my standards but it does have the Traxxas Link 2.4GHz Tx/Rx, 2056 and 2075 high torque digital waterproof servos from Traxxas. Also has the 2.5R cooling head. I installed a new Traxxas 2 shoe clutch and a 72 tooth spur gear. I removed the EZ-Start system and installed a pull start. Also needed a new OWB so I replaced that and the starter shaft. It didn't come with a body so I bought a new one of those too and stickered it up. I had it running out on the street in front of my house and it ran excellent. Temps were between 230 and 250 degrees. I have under a dozen runs on it including break-in. I think next upgrade will be the Blue aluminum resonator tuned pipe and planning on upgrading the shock towers and suspension arms to RPM. The list goes on and on but I also want to get some nice looking wheels with Proline Road Rage Tires. The tires I currently have on it are mismatched (Proline Road Rage up front and worn out Proline Road Hawgs in the rear) I plan on keeping it as a Street Rustler. I don't plan do anything too extreme as far as bashing and pushing it to its limits....just terrorizing the neighborhood.
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    Traxxas Nitro Sport w/ TRX 3.3 Racing Engine

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