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    EMAXX diff problems

    I bought a new emaxx brushless and stampede for christmas for my son and I. I can not keep the diffs from blowing out bearings and pinion gears. I am running 22.2 volt 3S 3500 lipos and do not get on throttle until rolling 15 or 20 miles an hour. Do not bash truck, Drive very conservative but this thing will just not stay together. Have upgraded to the Traxxas steel driveshafts and ceramic bearings. I am looking for some aftermarket diffs that are bulletproof under normal driving conditions. Already invested $2500.00 plus in these trucks and the only way to keep them running is to run the stock batts.Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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    saw a few different threads about using the losi diffs, havent tried it myself though
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    flm ultimate hybrid bulks, or just the hybrids and your own diffs moded to fit. Might want to consider flm chassis too.

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    running 6s, things break. Have you shimmed the diffs.
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    if you would cut back to 4s your truck would last alot longer....if by normal you mean you want to keep running 6s i would have to say FLM hybrid bulks/hyper 7 diffs. i just did this to my truck!

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