Hey, everyone! I just bought the Monster Jam Son-uva Digger for me and my 4-year-old son to have as a hobby together and we're both super stoked on our truck. I'm glad I decided to pull the trigger and get us into RCs.

So, as a total noob to hobby-grade RCs (we've had a few toy grade that we've enjoyed. We drove our Maitso Rock Crawler until it flat-out died!), I was wanting to post in here to get some advice and ideas from those of you who have been Stampede fans for a while.

We can already see that we're going to need the wheelie bars ASAP, so we've got that one covered and should be ordering that soon.

I DO have one easy question to start... the white plastic washers / spacers; you put those under the body or on top? I thought it was under but a friend said on top.

Another... should I make any adjustments to the shocks with the supplied parts Traxxas gave us with the truck to make it any better? (not like it isn't awesome already)

OK, I now open the floor to you for advice and ideas on upgrades and mods.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to being an active part of this board!


Traxxas Monster Jam Son-uva Digger
w/ TQ 2.4GHz