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    Question about Summit stock tires..???

    Just Recently I've noticed my tires are coming unglued. In fact, one actually broke completely loose from the rim. Now the question I have is about gluing them back (unfortunately I never payed much attention when they were new) so how tight is the tire wall supposed to set next to the rim, or in other words when you push in on the tire are you supposed to see a bit of the inner rim. Right now if I push in on my tires I can see a bit of the inner rim on all of them. I'm thinking they should all be sealed tight around the fake bead lock but I'm unsure.

    I'm about to glue them completely sealed next to the rim. Is this correct?

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    I would think so.... At least that's the way I do mine whether its right or wrong
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

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