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    Question Assembly tips? I've received a fully disassembled Jato...

    I've received a box full of pieces to a full Jato. Any tips on the best order to reassemble? I've gotten the assembly diagrams and I am going to be starting tonight. But just looking for any help because this truck seems to literally have every single screw taken out of it.

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    Just refer to the diagrams, reinstall exactly as shown, lock tight every screw that u can. You can start with putting together the front end then install onto chassis, then top deck,motor, rear end. Once everything is on then u can put all the linkages on n fuel tubing, adjustments etc etc.....oh and GOOD LUCK!!
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    I had to do the same! I actually started from the back and and worked up to the front though, got tedious after a lil so it actually kinda took me a long time. and everything is connected and i cant find and place that is missing a screw but i have like 20 extra ones?

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    Like Stix mentioned, just refer to the diagrams and get as much of the separate sections put back together & install the diff assemblies back onto the chassis. Ig's really not that bad of a task, I usually break mine down nearly 98% after every gallon of fuel just to give it a good cleaning/inspection. Good luck with getting it together.

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