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    Are all nitro fuels the same according to %

    are some better worse

    Thinking bout switching from reg o" to o" speed blend
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    Nitros come in A wide variety of percentages from 10% to 50%. Most people I've met use 30-33%. I like 20%, I get enough power to rip apart stock parts fairly easily with A good tune. And longer engine life than A higher %.

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    No they are not. Nitro content is not all that matters, oil content does as well. Allot of fuel manufactures use diff oils & combos of oil in the fuel & can vary from 12% up to ~ 20% oil mix in the fuel. The oil in the fuel is usually part caster oil & some sort of other synthetic oil that will vary by manufacturer as well.
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    Can't go wrong with 25% Byron fuel, I've been using it for awhile I really like it

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