I'd like to put the Protrac kit on my sons XL5. In reading Loots thread from last year about the kit (thanks loot!), some posts elude to needing different hardware for the camber link screws and such since you are going from plastic to turnbuckles with rod ends.

I'm not 100% sure all of what is needed. Can someone who did this mod recently let me know if I got the right list of parts?

Part# 5525 turnbuckle rod ends (do these come with the cups inside?)10 total needed for steering links and camber links.

Part# 3646 camber screws for monting ball ends to front shock tower(2 needed)
Part # 2580 camber screws and Part #2745 nylon nuts for mounting ball ends to front carrier (2 needed)
Part# 2579 camber screws for mounting rear camber rod ends to rear shock tower and carrier (4 needed)

If the 5525 rod ends don't scome with the cups inside, what size(s) are needed?

Does this sound correct? Is there anything I missed?