Today my Summit rockers came in. Mounted them and flipped the tranny gears to see how that worked with the MMP/4600.
I found out I gotta check the shocks, because the ground clearance is still way from how I want it. Springs are pretty stiff, so those can't be the problem.
I might have to replace the CVDs because they seem to prevent the suspension movement.

I did a short test drive to see what the car did speedwise. Annoyed about the jump start problem which this MMP still has, I went to the Castle site to see if there maybe was a new firmware version.
FINALLY!! Version 1.39 has solved the problem!!
  • Bug fix: Output power could jump inappropriately when motor is having difficulty starting. Could result in ESC damage.
  • Bug Fix: Throttle glitch could cause excess stress on esc.

The weird jump start problem has gone. That made my day.
Now wait for the wheels and tires and the rest to arrive in the mail.