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    Lightbulb 1/8th Scale Funny Car after market parts that need to be made.

    I really think that Traxxas needs to make the rest of the Red after market parts for the Funny Car that are already all done in Blue, i.e. the #5537X Blue Wheel Spindles also need to be done in Red as well to make them #5537R's. Also the #1747R (go figure that one out, should have been an X) Blue-anodized aluminum 4mm flanged, serrated lock nuts also need to be done in Red (To make them #1747X... O.o? But any way). Then to top it all off all of the Blue Aluminum after market parts also need to be done in Green and Plain Polished Aluminum (You know Silver in color). But this is just my opinion, and you all know what they say about those...

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    the parts that I would want are ,,,,better upgrade parts for the front end suspension and a conversion kit so I could use a 1/10 scale steering servo instead of the I/16 scale that comes stock on the Funny car ....if I could fix these two things I would be good to go ..

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