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Thread: lipo issue

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    lipo issue

    hi all,

    I have lipo's that are out of balance on one cell, Q. can I get it back in to balance and what are the risks or problems when this happens..

    can I continue to use the lipo or should I throw it..

    this is the worst, I dont see any swelling or anything.
    lipo cell V as follows..
    4.09 420, 420

    I have a ERBE and dont want to risk any damage or fires with that...

    not sure why the post keeps being deleted from ERBE posts, I have tried to message the moderator to clarify whats wrong with the thread, please clear your inbox or reply, thanks. again

    The issue was clearly identified in my PM to you:
    Your used ebay-bought battries are of a brand that is banned on the Traxxas forum. That Hong Kong-based manufacturer/retailer and all its brands are banned here.

    Please ask them for support on their products.
    Let's be honest and accurate here.
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    Your posts were removed because you are posting about a non Traxxas product and also a product that is banned on this forum. You were contacted by the moderator about this and re-posted the thread,,,,now for the third time. If you type something and the word filter blocks it that means the product is banned, it is not an indication you should bypass the filter and retype it. You need to contact the manufacturer for support of their product.

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