So a person I know has built a 3.3 out of new parts!!! But on his 4th tank of breaking it in the temps hit 230 and he stopped it and richened it a bit so it would be cooler, but when he went to start it again it started real hard, then stopped because he was worried about then engine. he had asked me what I thought it sounded like a air leak but I went wait.. It's had four tanks, and everything is built right... Could this be a leak?? Or glow plug I think I'm going to have him try that and have a freshly charged battery because that one was very weak.. So let me know what you guys think. ( oh and he also asked me if its ok if the engine turns over way easier than it is cold.. I thought so due to the expanding, but I haven't payed attention to any of my engines.) The last question is : is it ok to stop in the middle of a tank or any tanks??
I know this is a lot of information and questions but I haven't had a problem or question like this with my engines. Thanks for the help guys!!