hey there everyone. name is Dave and am a proud owner of an XO-1 for a couple weeks now . i'm a newbie to this type of RC, but have driven several rc's in the past, just nothing to this advanced. and even though it says "expert drivers", it was an awesome $ deal that i couldn't pass up.

anyways, been trolling the forum for a couple weeks searching and getting some knowledge about the XO. lots of useful info from some very experienced people i see. but i did have a couple questions that i was curious about that i can't really find.

one is, i've driven the car a few times in the past couple weeks (stock gears out of the box till i do a couple mods). i noticed on the transmitter dashboard, the voltage starts off at 25v and when it gets down to 19v, the car dies. is this the normal cut off for this? if so, what is the reason why? seems 19v is still quite a bit of stored energy to drive on. but i'm most likely wrong (remember <-----newb lol)

second one is, noticed a couple empty ports on the tQi, what are some things everyone is adding to them to "personalize" their XO?

big thanks ahead of time to everyone :-)