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    Trouble setting fail safe

    Hey all,
    I just bought a redcat 3028 failsafe for my Tmaxx. Seem to have some trouble getting it to set. I turn power to radio on, then to receiver. Apply full brake and press the set button. Then release set button and try to check the fail safe by turning off the radio. All three servos start going wacky. Jumping back and forth. I have tried holding the set button down for several seconds and also for a shorter time. The green light is on the entire time. It never flashes or changes color. It didn't come with any instructions so I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. At the same time I installed two new servos, they seem to be working fine.

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    Contact the manufacturer of it. Non-Traxxas support is not allowed.
    If you have a Traxxas 2.4 system it is not compatible with an aftermarket fail safe.
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