Plan on doing some beach bashing in the new future so I wanted to get Ramunition prepped to keep all the very fine sand out as much as possible. I read some pretty horrible reviews about the Pro-Line under tray when used as intended and trimmed as suggested...BUT I read some great reviews if you trim down the ridiculously tall sides and combine the Outerwears cover with that is what I did. EXTREMELY happy with the final product.

I cut it down where there was just a slight lip that allowed enough room for the Outerwears velcro. To clean up the edges of the tray, I lined it with automotive door trim just for a more finished look. I had intentions of painting the tray blue to match the blue on the truck but then thought it would be overkill. I decided to hit it with a few light coats of metallic silver. I let that dry and followed with several coats of black primer. After that dried I finished it with spray bedliner to give it a textured finish that was durable. I think the finished painted product matches nearly identical to the paint on the Ram body.