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    Help a Newbee out Please?

    Hey All,
    I am fairly new to the hobby of R/C, but I am jumping in with both feet.

    I am looking for a Rustler for my young son. ( he has only driven an R/C a couple of times.
    He is 5, however, he picks things up quite quickly. Heck he rides a 50cc dirtbike all over our property without issue! ( sorry, proud daddy moment there )

    Anyway, I am debatting between a used XL-5 Rustler, or a VXL Rustler.

    I am fearful that the VXL will be too fast for him at the start and he will be busting it up bigtime right from the get go.
    But I don't want him to be bored of the XL-5 to quick eitherl.

    I hate having to buy something that I will have to upgrade in a few months because of worn out bushings or anything, or it being too slow, which is why I am leaving the VXL direction, but I just came across a fairly decent deal on a used XL-5.

    Can you guys please share your oppinion, and help me decide!!!!


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    You can tame the VXL, it has "Training Mode" built into the ESC which cuts power by about 50%. If that is not enough taping something behind the trigger to limit the amount of pull can slow it down even more. Then as he picks it up you can give him more power and speed.

    Also a brushless system has less maintenance than a brushed will require. Brushed motors require maintenance after pretty much every run or the motors wont last and you will be buying new motors on a regular basis.

    I would go for the VXL
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    Thank you for the response.

    Yes, i like less maintenance for sure!!!!

    Silly question, is a VXL in Training mode ( 50% ) faster or slower than the XL-5 out of the box?
    I would assume it is slower, but I am not sure how fast the XL-5 is...
    Just curious!

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    The VXL well be a little faster in training mode then the XL 5 . But go for the VXL you won't be sorry in the long run .
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