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    My 360mm XO-1 GT8 project

    Well some of you guys might have seen a couple pics here and there of my XO-1 GT8. Well I thought I would dedicate a thread for it. Today was the first day that I got to drive it. All I have to say is wow! This thing is fast. I started it out on 4s and it was so fast that I had to double check and make sure that I didn't install my 6s battery. Drove it around on 4s for a little bit and then stepped it up to 6s. I need to find a very big and smooth road or parking lot to get this thing up to speed. I ran into some glitching issues though. The Xl2 is suppose to have a 5amp bec, but I guess it still can't handle my Hitec 985mg and the esc fan at the same time. I have a Spektrum 3300T installed and that doesn't help either. I have since installed a Spektrum glitch buster but have yet to try it out again. Here are some pics.

    This is the full length roller before shortening the wheelbase. I stole a bunch of parts from the Slash 4x4 to turn the XO-1 into a roller.

    This is after shortening it to a 360mm wheelbase. I simply moved up the rear diff and redrilled holes in the chassis. I did this so I wouldn't have to cut the chassis.

    Here it is with body installed. I also have the Kyosho GT2 Corvette body, but need to paint it.

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