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    red light not green

    Hey gang, newb here so go easy.
    So I was given a summit 1/16th. battery was charged when i got it.

    Ran it until it was dead. took battery out and put on charger for 6 hours (dont have owners manual) but from what i read its 6 hours and battery will be warm to touch which it was.

    Put into truck. Turn on radio, plug in battery, hit button on speed control and it comes up solid red not green.

    What does solid red indicate?

    Did I install it & turn it on in correct procedure?

    Any help is greatly appreciate since i have more back yard to bomb


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    It's supposed to be solid red if your using Nimh battery's, if your using lipo battery's it's supposed to be green, to switch modes turn car on and then hold the button for about 10 seconds till you hear a little noise come from the esc.

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