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    Need motor recomendation, something not too powerful

    Had a CC Sidewinder in my Grave Digger. It was too mad and uncontrollable. You give it the slightest throttle and it would wheelie like nuts, very hard to steer with your front wheels. It destroyed tires too easily. Want something for my Maxx, that is a little bit quicker and pull wheelies only if totally gas it.

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    well thats hard if your wanting to go with a brushless motor as most if not all brushless motors have alot of power but you can control that though with whats called throttle punch and limit your power like running 2s only which i do but its slow you need to run 4s motor likely. Hobbywing xerun 4274 2000kv 1/8 scale motor is nice. hobbypartz has it for 88 i think has 4mm bullet connectors on it. you also need a 1/8 scale esc to run that motor as well. hobbywing has a 1/8 scale 120a esc wp sc8 is suitable to run that motor, a 150a esc they have as well. with whatever esc you use make sure it can be programmed for throttle punch control ok this will help you alot.
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