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    Battery Question

    I have a E-Max brushless, but my best buddy just bought a E-max brushed a few days ago. I run 11.1 Lipo's in mine, and he bought Traxxas 8.4's for his. Can he safely run my 11.1's in his E-max, or will my 11.1's be too much for his brushed motor? He told me that his ESC can be programed for Lipo batteries, so he would have the low voltage protection switch.

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    No he could run 2s lipo's but not 3s.
    3s is too much for his esc and motors.
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    just like trax de max said 3s is too but 2s lipos will be fine. its over voltage what your talking about 12.6v x2=25.2v total and the evx-2 is rated only at 16.8v max.
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