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    Hello to all! I just got my hands on a Spartan, been wanting one for quite some time now. I have been an owner of a Traxxas Slash Short Course truck for over a year and have done tons of mods to it, etc, got a good understanding of the R/C trucks so decided I really wanted to get on the water. Anyway, a few questions I hope yall can help me out with?!
    1. Anything I should be focusing on for my first run with the boat? How long will the stock batteries last on the water?
    2. I have a couple 2s Lipos 25c 7.4 volt 5800 mah that I was running in my truck, those worth anything in this boat?
    3. Silicone, what areas would you recommend I seal around, add extra waterproofing, etc.

    I should say, Im not looking to 'hop' this boat up much, Ive got a couple good irrigation ponds on the golf course I work at that I will be running this on and occasionally hitting the inter coastal water ways here in NC. I just want a reliable boat and want to have tons of fun!

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions! I look forward to getting on the water now that the weather is getting warmer.

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    1. 10mins at maximum charge
    2. 2s will work, if running for the first time practice with this battery before you jump up to 3s.
    3. Don't put any silicone it's not necessary, first you should upgrade on the water jacket with the aluminum one, which causes the leak inside the hull.
    That's it have fun and enjoy your boat.
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    Times two on what Edgemolic stated.

    If you stay with 4s lipos not much change you would have to do, but nice a shiny metal prop always looks .
    "enjoy your ride"


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