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Thread: Tmaxx 3.3

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    Tmaxx 3.3

    I keep breaking gears in the steering servo looking to change out to metal gears or a better solution and I also keep breaking center driveshafts and looking to upgrade to metal what are my options thanks oh this is on the new tmaxx 3.3

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    dogbone and cup mod for the rear center shaft on a 3.3 tmaxx model 4908/4907
    Hpi dogbone 86151
    Trx cups 5153r

    as for your servo, is your servo saver working properly, if it is then yes get a savox $40 metal geared servo and youll be good....
    Traxxas is good, but so are other Manus

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    could always upgrade to the traxxas shafts if you want or the dog bone upgrade.

    also I use a hitec servo with alloy servo horn.

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