I finally got all the parts and installed the TQi telemetry in my Rustler last night. I found a youtube from cstoneav that provided some helpful hints on installing everything. Only thing missing was that the red mark on the magnet needs to face away from the spur gear. I got everything installed late last night. I took the Rustler out for a test drive after I finished just to make sure everything worked properly. It appeared to be fine although I think I need to tighten the clutch a bit. I backed it off 1.5 turns, I think I will tighten it .25 turns.

I do have a question on the MPH. I believe MPH is calculated based on RPM, gearing, and tires. I have a stock Rustler VXL with the 28 tooth pinion gear and a 2S 6500 35C LiPo. As this was mainly a test to make sure the work I did was right and it was very late at night I only ran the LiPo at about 60% charge. (Storage charge, I did not want to take the time to charge it.) I could only see for about 100' in the street so my runs were very short. I never was able to get full throttle. The fastest MPH logged was 41.053 with 23,292 RPM. Does this sound right? I do not have access to radar guns and I don't want to put my auto GPS in there as I still have the tenancy to roll it.

I have the motor temp, RPM, and voltage sensor. Are there any other sensors that can be added? I read about the GPS, but when I called Traxxas I was told that the part was not released yet and that it was a slip in the marketing department that even released that it existed. Is there a way to monitor the ESC temp?