Hey guys, I'm having trouble with a xo-1 motor ESC combo I just brought and was after a little help...The guy I purchased it off said the ESC was unlocked, once its unlock does it need to be repeated ??? Does the little red wire connected to the larger red wire on the ESC need to be connected as I thought it was only for the links connection to show heat etc. or MUST it be connected to the ESC ???

I have successfully binded the Traxxas receiver and transmitter with the ESC but it will only go forward for a few seconds then cut out ??? I seems to reverse as normal ( All tests done on a stand ) The beeps between when the ESC picking up the batteries and then the motor are lot longer between beeps than my other Castle combos ??? Is there a link for the correct settings for the program card as Ive only used the card on my 2200 Mambas and was thinking the 1717 may need separate settings ??

Txs heaps guys, not sure where to go from here :-(