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    FLM Hybrid Bulks with 1/8 diffs - which part #


    So after waiting for a month for a replacement diff gear set after smashing my last ones, I find the diff gears are from another model HB diff.

    Basically I need to replace the gears in the diff cup of the differential of the FLM hybrid - 1/8 combo as I managed to chew out the teeth on the gears after my drive train started binding.

    Does anyone know the part number for the replacement gears (don't need the pinion and bevel gear).

    Otherwise failing that, is there another direct drop in differential assembly? I'm getting tired of waiting weeks for parts to come in so something as straight forward as possible that doesn't require many new parts, shims etc would be good.

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    I.went with hyper 7 diffs in my hybrid bulkheads. Works great and has put up with some trencher abuse

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