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    What Did You Break/Pretzel or Smoke On Your Summit Today?

    I have seen this sort of thread on other forums on here and didn't know whether there was ever one for the summit. I did some quick searching and didn't come across anything, so here it is.

    Post up the things you break, your pretzeled shafts and the like and anything else you wreck or smoke out on your summit.

    I know the summit is very durable but when something breaks it normally breaks pretty bad and... well some of those shafts can look quite funny!!

    My summit is down for a rebuild at the moment so no recent pretzeling but b4 the tear down i did bust the pin out of a half shaft

    (quite common.... i know), but i am sure there are others out there with some wacko carnage.
    Post em up... and most definitely with pictures!!
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    Chassis, suspension rod, bulkhead.
    Nice work.

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    i twisted the output shaft off the front diff a couple weekends ago, i still have the old diff sitting around, will have to take a pic
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