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    Thumbs up traxxas 4x4 steering kit on 2wd slash

    I just installed the 4x4 steering kit on my 2wd slash. Test runs on thick moss (a nice surface) are very good, but i may find different results on indoor clay next week. On my rig I've got improvement in control at small turn angles, which i credit to less flex and slop in the bellcrank assembly and servo saver mech.
    Before install I found a lot of comments here and on other boards unhappy with the increased Ackerman of the 4x4 parts (and mods to correct this), and complaints about larger turn radius. I have *not* suffered a loss in steering, altho it is a bit different. Overall i only find advantages and differences, no problems or loss.

    refer to very good thread @dishizo

    - it seemed the horn didn't fit, but it does ... the Traxxas white servo saver has an adapter that can stick on the spindle, take it off
    - I'm glad I spent an extra $5 on bearings (5x8x2.5), i think bearings alone is a good upgrade for the stock white delrin bellcranks
    - the instructions say to hold the spring down with one hand while inserting the bushing/bearing with the other, frustrating and i still have bruises on my thumbs. No! Use a half inch box end wrench to compress the spring, it is easy that way.
    (I'd like to meet the guy who could do this per instructions, but i'd be cautious about shaking hands with him ;-)
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