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    Looking for T-maxx to E-maxx converters?

    So I have a Traxxas Nitro 2.5 I am looking into converting into a brushless version and wondering if anyone has opted to do this conversion with their truck and what the results were and if you were satisfied?

    I have read alot of conflicting information and although some have done the conversion utilizing everything on their 2.5 T-maxx and simply bolted a motor mount, motor, esc, 5193X Single Speed conversion, 4994X forward only conversion and batteries, others are saying to utilize the E-maxx chassis and transmission components as well as driveshafts.

    I am looking into mounting the TRX 5193X Single Speed Conversion Kit and the TRX4994X Forward Only Conversion which would give me what I am looking for, Forward and Reverse via esc along with the Mamba Max Pro 2400kv motor/esc combo.

    What have you used and what worked best for you....i.e gearing, tranny, drive shafts, engine combo etc.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    This is probably the most popular and most complete guide I've seen for converting.
    Motor mounts and step by step instructions for converting the 2.5 tranny can be found on this site.
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