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    Help! Bad Brakes!

    I am using an XL5 with a newer TQi transmitter on a custom built road car with the Titan 12T motor.

    The only way I can invoke brakes (weak brakes) is to leave the multi-function knob(MFK) set to Braking% and at 100%.

    If I turn the knob back to 50%, the brakes are then almost non-existent, and reverse also goes to 50%.

    If I turn the knob to 0%, the brakes are GONE, and reverse is GONE.

    I have set the throttle endpoints, and have set to factory endpoints. If I don't leave the MFK selected to Brake%, I get WEAK brakes by default. Even if I set the MFK to 100% in the setup menu and hit SET, then set it to control steering%, I lose brakes. It is set to electric mode.

    What am I doing wrong?
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