I'm looking for a new car to bash around with.
I already have a Summit and a HBX Surge Truggy.

The Summit is nice, but it isn't that fast, it doesn't jump that high, but sure it get's where you want! (it's the 1/10 scale) I like the Summit, but want something that is a bit faster. When you feel the weight of the Summit (after snowbashing) there is no wonder why it cant jump that high!

The HBX truggy thingy is a pain in the *** to repair. And it's not waterproof.

Since i already have a TX for my Summit, i might go for a platinum edition. Buy a extra RX and maybe a 3s lipo. Im not quite sure if my current 2s lipos that i use in my Summit will fit in the Slash tho?

Guess i have to watch a bit more youtube vidoes...