We first took a very slow ride around the track, just to get a feel of how one of the 5807 Slashes would handle, with the added weight on the roof. In this first video, there is a fingerprint smudge on the waterproof housing where the lens is, so the vid is blurry. Sorry about that. In later onboard vids I will show, I did remember to make sure the see through lens guard is clean and clear.

My very second attempt failed immediately because the flat adhesive mount that I used on top of the roof of the 1/10th Slash didn't hold. I thought these 3M VHB double sided tapes would be strong enough to keep the Hero3 Black in place. I saw several other RC onboard videos using this mount with great success. However, I later found out that those videos didn't show big jumps like we have at our RC track. So, here is what happened.

Well, even with the camera falling, I was convinced that I could still use these GoPro flat adhesive mounts, after reviewing for the second time, onboard RC videos on YouTube using that mount. Then, after waiting several days for my new order of GoPro brand flat adhesive mounts, five in a bag, in the mail, they finally arrived. GoPro only includes one flat adhesive and one curved adhesive mounts, when you buy the Hero3 Black edition. I decided to take the large #10 sticker off of the roof of my Greg Adler edition body, thinking this would make a difference in how the 3M VHB sticky tape would hold on top of the roof. The video below shows just me messing around our house, but later took the truck back to the track. Similar results, after jumping the Slash, GoPro falls to the ground.

I was disappointed ofcourse, after the 2nd failure. I was also a little upset. I said to myself, how could I possibly take onboard videos, like some of the interesting ones I've seen on YouTube. So, I thought about hard mounting the Hero3. It took me a while to figure something out like this, because I had to design everything myself. Anyway, I didn't give up. I will do a follow up on what I came up with.....