i seem to have a problem with the 2cell/3cell traxxas charger that comes along with the bandit VXL..
I have two batteries, one 2 cell and one 3 cell..

I dont know if you guys are familiar with this charger but when its turned one it has three green blinking lights that assure you that its ready to charge..
When you connect a battery then the lights will turn red indicating that the charger is charging the cells..
When its finished charging then the lights turn green..

The problem is that with both my batteries not all lights (one for each cell) turn green after charging cycle is finished..
And this translated to not charging all cells the same...bring the low voltage protection really early..i mean the 3cell 6500mah battery brought the LVP after 4 mins..and the 3300mah 2cell wont even work as it brings up the LVP as soon as the ESC is on..

I used a friend's professional charger to charge my batteries and everything was fine...
so something is wrong with the charger!

Does anyone else have a similar problem with this charger?