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Thread: 23mm hexs

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    23mm hexs

    Have any of you guys done a 23mm hex conversion on your emaxx? Found some beadlock runs I like but not sure because I have to buy the adapters

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    I went to 23mm hexes on another truck of mine when they first came out - Pro-Line beadlocks and Masher 40 Series. I didn't like them, and the screws included were not the best. 17mm hexes are more flexible for this scale of truck, as you can mount everything from stock Traxxas wheels to truggy race wheels and Axial beadlocks.

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    I have my road maxx set up to run 17mm or 23mm. on 8mm lst axles. so i can run what ever wheels i want . I didnt care for my mashers on the proline comando wheels either. There nice but they are heavy. You can find the adaptors on e-bay fairly cheap.
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