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    Tires just won't turn...

    Dear fellazzzzz,

    I just got my mashers on desperado rims (THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFULLLLL!!)
    But when i wanted to re calibrate my servo's i stumbled upon something...

    My steering endpoints are all messed up. My tires just won't turn.
    So being the detective i went to investigate.

    I found out that the arm that has the 2 servo's connected to it turns,
    but it lift itself out of its "socket".

    Here is a picture of the arm in a neutral pose.

    Seems normal. But here is the picture with my steering wheel turned all the way.

    If you look closely you can see that the arm turns, but the socket it is suppose
    to be in still stays on his place. The arm just turns itself out of its socket.

    Here is how it looks from top view.

    Tires neutral

    Steering wheel turned all the way to the right

    Steering wheel turned all the way to the right + me helping the tires out so they reach its
    real "endpoint"

    Why is it doing this? I have noticed the spring on top of the arm. But it doesn't make any sense that
    its lifting itself up without turning the tires.
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