I currently run my 4x4 pede with the stock 11/54 pinion/spur setup on 2s. Curious on how the other pinions are like so I decided to try the 9-tooth pinion with 54 spur setup. Did not like that at all. Acceleration was quick, but top speed was meh. Too slow for my taste. Next, I tried optional 17-tooth pinion with the 54 spur setup. All I could say is wow! Pretty fast. I was hitting around 40+ mph on asphalt. Decided to run the 17/54 setup on loose gravel. I know traxxas recommends to run the 17/54 setup on hard surfaces only but I just decided to see how it was like on loose gravel. Anyways, I saw a trail of dust whenever I punched the throttle and the pede's speed on loose gravel became very addicting on the 17/54 setup. The only problem is that the velineon motor got hot rather quickly. I had to take 2 separate breaks in order cool the motor down. Anyways, after running on the 17/54 setup, I didn't really want to go back to the 11/54 setup any longer. Bashing became more exciting and faster with the 17/54 setup.

With that said, is there any pinion out there that's pretty fast to use on pavement as well as lose dirt on 2s that won't cause the velineon motor to get so hot? I was thinking of a 15/54 setup. Anybody has this setup? Is it ideal to run this setup or will it cause problems down the line? Btw, I am running a traxxas esc fan and a dual motor fan to keep things cool.

Let me know guys. Thanks in advance!