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    XO-1 at Rockingham Dragway.......

    Made a pass or two in the shutdown area at Rockingham this weekend. Dragstrips will be my only way to test the car before long. My normal test spot has just been repaved so it is in SUPER shape right now but I know that it will be open to the public in a week or two so I'm on borrowed time there.

    Rockingham is WAY too rough to be doing this. As you can tell in the video the car is on the ragged edge of control all the way down. I actually didn't realize it was that bad until I watched the go-pro video. Anyhow, thought I would post this because you can tell a little better in this video how the car accelerates now and I thought it made a pretty good video. Wish the lighting was a little better, it was overcast all weekend.

    Watch in 1080p.
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    nice run, looks pretty fast!!
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