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    Check if TRX 3.3 will run without running it.

    Hi guys, I am going to check out a Tmaxx 3.3 I found on craiglist for a good price today. The guy has no fuel so he can't get it running, but is there anyway that I can check the engine to see if it is bad (or good for that matter.)

    Thanks in advance

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    Have him charge his starter battery and take a GP and some fuel with you. Make sure everything works before you buy.

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    Bring a hex driver with you and remove the cooling head. Look to see that the piston top is either silver or a golden color; black is bad. With the head on and glow plug in, spin the flywheel by hand and there should be a decent amount of resistance as the piston gets to TDC and then should release with a pop. If it fails all these then good chance the engine would need a rebuild.
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    I'd take a glow plug ignitor and some fuel... Let him fire it up...

    You don't need to pull the cooling head, just bring a flashlight, remove the glowplug and shine it down there, also have the exhaust header off and then rotate the flywheel using a flashlight look for scoring on the sides of the piston (a small amount is fine, a deep gouge no), and look for coloration from the top and the sides using a good flashlight...

    But honestly, you can't tell if the driveline is OK, the clutch, the tranny, radio or anything if he doesn't fire it up...
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