Just ordered the rally from tower with the $50 off promo. I'm not gonna do a build thread but I do plan on upgrading a bunch of stuff and will post pictures throughout. Orange is the color I went with because from what I read in this forum it's the fastest. while I wait for my rally to be delivered I do have some questions on what are the best options on the upgrades. So here they are. Anyone with any opinion or experience please feel free to share your opinion or personal experiences. Thanks in advance.

I want king headz motor mount.

Aluminum on all four corners. Is traxxas the best brand?

What's the best brand shock upgrade? I have pro lines on my slash 4x4. I like them a lot. Would they work for the rally? What other options are there for shock upgrade. I have proline and would prefer to try another brand just to switch it up.

What are the best tire/wheel combo to run on the rally?

Was looking at the axis aluminum brace. Is this worth the money?

And most importantly the power system. I want to run a mix of 2s and 3s lipo about equal. I want to go with either tekin or castle. I have castle in all my other rc's and love them. After hearing so many good things about sensored setups I thought this would be a great Rc to try and make the switch. Either way any tekin or castle suggestions would be great. Remember I plan on running on 2s & 3s evenly.

It's winter in New York where I live so I'm not in a rush for this to hit the streets. When it arrives I plan on removing the power pant (motor & esc) and te control (tx/rx) and selling them new to support some of the upgrades. I know in a couple months I will want to replace the power system from the traxxas vxl. So I figure do it now while its brand new. As for the tx/rx I have a spektrum dx3r pro. So why not use that and sell the traxxas tqi as new.

Thanks for any info. Also if I missed a upgrade that is important or essential to making this car sick please share.