so last run with my buddy mrmerv i busted up my bulkheads and chassis top plate. Darn curbs. Anyway i got those parts today but i did some mods the brakes yup and issue reason i hit that curb so i took some notes from here and made the dual system also cleaned the slot the block goes in that pushes the pads and added fuel line in place of spring on linkage. much better response but once i hit them they tended to stay closed a little so what i did was took and idea off the throttle linkage. i got a spring and the connector that tightens to the linkage and put it on the brake linkage to pull the brakes open when theyre not applied. this works great im probably not the first to do this but i havnt posted in a while so thought id share.....Hi im Dustin and addicted to nitro...anyway you guys have great ideas and i get alot of help from here thanks fellas.