So I have had about four years of experience with radio control cars (specifically electric). I have had a few hobby grade rc cars. I have had a Team Losi Mini-T, Team Losi Micro-T, Two Xray-M18 which both had carbon fiber chassis and accessories, a Team Associate 18 scale truck similar to the mini-t, a Team Losi Mini LST-2, and a 1/10 scale traxxas sedan that I bought for about 50 dollars.

I have been out of the radio control scene for a few years (college took over and I was away at college). Now that I am going to college closer to home and I live at home I decided to mess around with my radio control cars. I had my Mini LST 2 and my XRAY M-18's out and the batteries had a poor run time because, they have not been used for quite some time. I looked at the prices for the batteries and I would be spending quite some money on batteries.

I decided to look at what is new that I have not seen for the years I have been out of the radio control car scene and I noticed the 1/16 scale e revo. I noticed it had a brushless system and had waterproof electronics and because I live in michigan and it snows here and rains, I decided that I was going to get the new e revo. I sold my xray m18's and my mino lst2 on ebay in one day and I ordered my new e revo.

I am VERY excited to get the truck in the mail. I do have some questions about it.

Is the truck durable?
What are some upgrades that I should get for it soon?
Do I have to do any modifications for the truck to reach the top speed without getting any lipo batteries?