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    Ken Block complete overhaul

    Hey guys I have had my Ken Block 1/16 Rally car since Christmas and after having tons of fun with it I am starting to make changes and tear it down to change out parts for RPM parts and doing any maintenance that is needed.

    As of right now I have the whole front end torn apart but plan to go through the whole truck so I am looking for any advice yall might have while I have it broke down.

    I plan to use this car for racing and drifting for fun.

    Some main questions that I have are:

    1. What weight Diff oil should I use in the whole car?
    2. What gear ration should I use for using 3s and 2s batteries?
    3. I have heard something about shimming the diffs, anyone have any information on this?
    4. I have 70 wt shock oil in the shocks now but is there a better weight to use?
    5. Where can I find some shorter A-arms or adjustable A-Arms for the car to make it sit even lower?

    Thanks to everyone for reading and for any replies you may have. I will post my progress as I do this over the next week.
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