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    Question Question About Temp VS Lean Rich

    So I am curious when you get the Mixture close or good to where you have no Power Bogs etc can you use the Engine Temp Idea to fine tune to get Max power or ensure you are not running say little lean but not enough to cause a Bog?
    When it is say 50-60 F out should the engine be around 220-230F when Tuned properly or is that To warm for that Temp?
    Now if say the temp was 70-80 F and you had proper cooling should the engine be teh same Temp around 220F or shoudl it realistically go up in camparison with the outside temp and be 240-250F?
    I do know it should under no circumstances be 270+F is that the Max Temp that anything under it is Safe like a computer? Ie 250-260F is a Bit high and should be checked but not damaging where 270+F it starts damaging engine components etc?

    I ask as I was Fine Tuning my T-Maxx and I was able to do wheelies from 1st and hold it into 2nd etc. I noticed today it would do it in 1st but just as it got close to shifting it would Drop so I leaned it about 1/16th an dit Held it from Off Idle Through 2nd till 3/4 maxx throttle then drop, I did a few WOT runs no Bogs, NO Glow Plug Issues, I could grab teh engine and it was Hot Enough to burn me if i held on for a 3 seconds but 1-1.5 seconds I was ok.
    I do not have a Infrared Temp Gun nor teh Onboard Temp Unit and I did teh water test and it took about 2-3 seconds for water to Boil off so I do not think it is above 240F but I have no way to be positive yet. I was figuring if Using teh temp was a good way to fine tune I would get either a Gun or a Onboard Temp Guage, a Good (accurate) gun would cost what $30-$50? where onboard I can get fro about $20 what do you guys prefer and why? I
    I do not have Telemetry and do not forsee being able to get it in the future so the advantage that way with onboard Temp is Moot.
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