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    914er's DeltaPlastik Subaru-bodied Rally 1/10

    I've been working on it for about 10 days now in my spare time while staying at this hotel in Florida. I managed to get the Hot Racing struts installed with 60 weight oil, and I soldered a motor fan and a SC fan together to run from the same plug.... nothing new.

    I believe I'm the first one to buy a body from DeltaPlastiks though.... so I know there are probably a few that are curious as to how they fit, and would rather see a completed project, rather than "speculate" what will fit and what won't.

    It fits..... pretty well..... and there are 61 different bodies to choose from that are all advertised as being the exact same width and wheelbase:

    It should be noted... that I am happy with the body.... and the wing. But the decals I ordered are of the lowest quality I have seen. Absolute trash... and they look like "cartoons". No window film either.... so be prepared to use a rubber masking paint and an xacto knife.... and be prepared to paint everything. Don't waste your money on the decals.

    Keep in mind.... this is the first time I've ever painted or trimmed my own body... so you'll have to forgive the amateur paintjob.

    I cannibalized the subaru logos from larger decals.... otherwise everything you see is paint.... no stickers at all.

    Wheels are JConcepts Rulux wheels painted metallic bronze..... rear Rustler fitment
    Tires are JConcepts G-locs tires.

    I refused to make any axle modifications... no spacers.... no adapters..... just bolted the wheels on.

    I had to trim about 2 mm of "extra" space from the rear of the front wheelwells..... and about the same from the front of the rear wheelwells to get the fitment correct.

    I also had to HEAVILY modify a set of straight, vertical, aftermarket body posts for the rear.
    The front body posts are stock.

    Overall..... I'm pleased... and it was a rewarding experience.... just wish I were a more skilled painter.


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