Hey all, I am stationed in Vegas, from Ringgold GA, I'm in the Air Force as a special purpose (heavy vehicle) mechanic and work primarily on the heavy armored vehicles (MRAP variants, HMMWV, tractor trailers, common pickups, regular sedand, and atv's sometimes. I had a TMAXX roller given to me sans engine (not too sure on the model) it's a 2.5 short chassis (12" wheelbase) that I converted to brushless. Bought a Hobbywing M6A combo (150amp esc and 2250kv sensored motor) and run a Hobby People 4s 5000mAh hard case. I fabbed the mount myself and immediately started breaking things. First the spur (upgraded to rrp steel), then the center drive (rear first) and upgraded to Traxxas steel units but the front was too long so I shortened it and sleeved with steel tube and welded. Next wheel shafts broke so I upgraded to integy steel (big mistake), and last the single speed conversion in the black trans. I bought RRP steel 2nd gears and am waiting on an adapter for one of the gears to get done at the machine shop so HOPEFULLY I can get a whole pack thru this beast before it breaks again! I will post some pics when my adapter gets back and its all assembled again! Sorry for the long intro, have a good one!!