Hey everyone I have just bought a slash recently because I wanted something waterproof that I could use in the snow and bash on the track a little bit but I really love the nitro scene but I don't know if the slayer is worth it because I was looking through the forum quick and I see a lot of people converting them to e-slayers or revos. my buddy just bought a ten sct and the thing is great and I really just want to know if the slayer could even come close because in my opinion it looks a little narrow and like it would traction roll in any corner but I wouldn't know. I love my slash but love the nitro and waterproof is a big factor to me too cause like I said it will probably be more of a basher than a racer. please help me out with what you think of the truck I kind of really want lol plus the F-1 suspension is awesome haha thanks again your friend jlucas