So finally got the Rally to a track (1/8 track).

It kicked butt!!! Lots of fun, and I was turning really good laps. Actually preferred running the Rally to my 1/8 e buggy!

The down? Not much really, other than some abuse to the body lol.

I really enjoyed the Rally, and could actually give 1/8 nitro and ebuggies some competition Everyone was surprised at how well the Rally handled, especially with a stock setup. Only changes to the Rally: Vapor Pro esc (same as castle sv3), castle 3800 motor (stock gearing, 13t pinion), aluminum shock caps, JC overtray, 17mm adapters, JC Rulux wheels with ProLIne Knuckles and the aluminum bearing carrier for the slipper. Otherwise, out of box stock on a 2s lipo.

Great speed and handling, jumped very well. Great runtime too, I was using a 6500mah 2s lipo. I am still considering the Slash bumpers and body due to the extra clearance from the front bumpers, but I was really impressed with the Rally. The body was great too lol, due to the rounded shape, it almost always rolled back onto the wheels if it flipped