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    What body mounts to use for a Street PC body on a Slash?

    I'm trying to get my new PC shell down a bit more on the body. I was able to move the stock back body mounts down one notch on that bulkhead and that's pretty close for the rear (though a little lower would be nice). Will RPM mounts get me any lower? Or would I need to go with a different bulkhead and body mount combo to get lower and if so, what kind?

    The same question goes for the front however, I bought what was called a set of Raptor F-150 parts and a front mount came that's different from any other I've seen. It looks like a normal Traxxas mount but on the end it has height adjustable holders that have a bit of a dog-leg bend to them. I've looked all over to see if I can find where these things are from, I don't want to use them if I can replace them (I get one time to cut holes into the PC body after all!). These units I can turn upside down and the PC body rests on the entire bracket and will work quite well, but again I don't want to use this unit if I can never replace it.

    Did Traxxas switch body mount types for the Raptor at some point? I've looked at other brands (RPM, Associated, Integy) and I've not seen anything that looks close. I'll take a picture of them and post later.

    So will RPM rear mounts get me any lower that the stocks lowered all the way down? What about the Fronts?

    Bonus question, is the hole spacing the same as a Traxxas stock setup?

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