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Thread: Nitro?

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    I had a nitro in the past and it never ran right and I beat the crap out of it and threw it away...

    I've been wanting to get a nitro for a little while, just want to know how to care for it so I don't destroy it, pre-run, during run, after-run, whatever, I have not a clue.

    Anyone have things they do? How do you even own a nitro truck? How do you care for it?
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    ............okay to explain everything to you about nitro in one post would be insane.
    Just buy the nitro brand new and read the instruction manual.
    All new rtr nitos have detailed instruction manuals that tell you everything you need to know about caring for the engine and tuning.
    (Traxxas has the most detailed manuals!)
    If you're just getting into nitro the nitro sport ot nitro rustler would be a good choice.
    There are literally thousands of tips for tuning, storing, caring for, starting, killing, glow plugs and everything elase.
    I could never fit it all in one post.
    Despite this fact it is not as hard as you'd think.
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