I listed my ERevo on Ebay without running it for good year. HUGE mistake, I took it out for one last go before I send her of to a new home and she is dying in about 30-45 seconds of installing fully charged batteries. I have less than 10 hours to cancel the auction if I cant find a repair.More details below.

Fresh battery in, runs great for about 30-45 seconds and then it starts to slow down like the batteries died already. I pick it up and notice that the rear right and front left tires will spin for a second and then stop like the drive train is slipping somewhere. I take off the tires completely and the drive train APPEARS to run normal again until I put a little resistance on the rear right or front left. I have also checked the voltage of the batteries, the only ones I had charged were sitting at about 7.2v (aprox) before putting them in and then they came out at 3.9v but gradually returned to 7v+. Oh and awhile back I had some heavy modified tires on it for better snow traction but took them off when I noticed they were causing over heating. Heres a list of mods I have on it.

Integy alluminium Skid plates
GH Racing alluminium axle carriers
Extended rear suspension arms

I hate to sell her but I'm moving on to new hobbies that are easier and cheaper. If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate the help.