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    My opinion is the Mamba Monster is gonna to be too much motor for the Pede. Plus I'm not 100% sure if the motor will fit...

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    ya there is enought room for both esc and motor but still its to much power specialy with all the weight at the rear your never going to keep the front on the ground

    my sugestions are a castle creations mamba max pro esc with there 3800kv motor so far on 2s lipo i have geared it 31/83 with minimal heat issues(out side temps about -5 to -13)
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    i asked because i can pickup a mamba monster setup for 200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jr_casteel1999 View Post
    what about the castle mamba monster motor and esc?
    Not sure which combo you are looking at: 2200kv or 2650kv. Those are some seriously huge motors for the pede. You will have to beef up the rear end trendously, then fitment, and a minimum of 3S. The sweet spot for the system is actually 4S. Check out the rustly boys they put that setup in there, but they are geared really high for speed runs. I think you will end up spending way more time and money into making something word then the fun you will have bashing around. Not saying it can't be done. Just a lot of motor for the pede. I run that motor in my EMaxx Brushless and Erevo Brushless. Trucks that about twice the size and weight of a pede.

    Oh and check out BaldyDaniels and Oaks trucks if you have a chance. They are running the Castle 2400kv and see what they had to do to get the sucker in check. Both thucks are heavy weights and highly modified. See if that is something you would want to get into. If you think that's somthing you can handle. You will need an extended chassis, an Anvil in the front, and a light trigger finger in hand.

    Hope this helps ya.
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    Kinda overkill on mamba monster.... I would get the mamba max pro sct edition

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